17. Keyboard Reference

Keyboard shortcuts are given in the menus for all commands that have them. The following table is intended as a handy reference to augment these.

Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + S Save settings file
Ctrl + Shift + S Save time-stamped backup of settings file
. Next image
, Previous image
Ctrl + . Lock forward
Ctrl + , Lock back
/ Move forward/back (depending on lock mode)
Ctrl + Alt + - Hide image
Ctrl + Alt + = Unhide image
Ctrl + Shift + = Unhide all
Ctrl + Shift + . Advance to hidden (also use spinbox & slider)
Ctrl + Shift + , Retreat to hidden (also use spinbox & slider)


Ctrl + shortcut key always smaller than default transformation
Ctrl + shift + shortcut key always greater than default
0 Rotate clockwise
1 Rotate anticlockwise
] Enlarge
[ Shrink
Up Arrow Move image up
Down Arrow Move image down
Left Arrow Move image left
Right Arrow Move image right
Ctrl + Shift + Z Reset image
Ctrl + Alt + Z Reset graphics window (i.e. scroll bars etc.)
Crop Area Mouse preferable for all but very small adjustments
Markers Mouse always preferable.
Ctrl + = Zoom in
Ctrl + - Zoom out
Ctrl + R Zoom 100%
Ctrl + Shift + R Fit image to window

Note: On some international keyboards some of these shortcuts may not work – for example on German laptop keyboards ‘=’ and ‘0’ are on the same key, disabling the zoom in and some rotate functions. If users experience problems relating to keyboard setup, please contact the authors, who may be able to supply a custom-version of the program with different keyboard shortcuts.